Psychitecture for Your Home

Get design psychology intervention that brings out the best in you, the people you love, and the spaces you inhabit.

Our homes are  reflections for greater health and well being.  Furthermore, remodeling can wreak havoc on a relationship, both your intimate partnership as well as between your team. So if there’s conflict brewing in your intimate partnership around cohabitation, you have a child suffering from ADHD or you’re experiencing general stuckness, malaise, or emotional distress, psychitecture can provide the right tools and blueprint to not only ease these symptoms but help you actualize your potential and reach your life goals.  

Psychitecture consulting services can both intervene to support relationships in the home and design team while prescribing design treatment solutions to enhance the living environment.

Enroll a psychitect, and here’s what you can expect:

  1. Enliven your space, enliven your life. When we feel enlivened by our spaces, we live more artful, creative lives—the kinds of lives we’ve been dreaming of, and feel the satisfaction, accomplishment and joy we all really crave. 
  2. Increase presence, connection to spirit and sense of self. Modern life is busy life, and  caught up and overwhelmed by our habitual life patterns, and blinded by life stressors to realize we can live in a way that maintains and deepens our connection to self. 
  3. Create an environment that supports harmonious relationships. When we’re given the tools to cohabitate and live together in a healthy way, the conflict in our relationships naturally decreases. Spaces designed with intention lead to intentional support in the health of our relationships
  4. Create sensory spaces for ADHD, depression, distress. Drawing from design psychology concepts of color theory, ergonomics, proxemics and environmental psychology, we use trauma and evidence-based research on sensory integration to regulate emotions through specific design choices. 
  5. Promote creativity, productivity, and wellness, actualize your potential. Limited beliefs and outlets. Overwhelmed. Living in a trauma lineage.  Break the cycle and habitual patterns both in your psyche and space.

Our inner worlds are reflected in our outer environments—if we’re unconscious in how we live, it’s reflected in our space.

Set you and your family up for success in your home.

We have come to expect so much from our homes. Hybrid work/home living has only added more stress to modern relationships. Working and living in the same space disrupts our boundaries, work productivity, and intimate life. If you’re feeling uninspired in your work and romantic life we can change up design variables to increase life satisfaction.  Being intentional in how you design your space—delineating the limits of your office, creating space for restoration and intimacy, and designing for creativity and productivity—sets you and your family up for success. 

Here’s how it works

Through a hands-on approach and detailed design treatment plan, a  Psychitect can coach you through inner-conflict or conflict within the family system or design team to heal relationships and support harmonious living and design results.

Packages are organized into basic or premium packages, based on your needs. Whether you’re redesigning a small room or remodeling your whole home, a version of the following is included:

  • 2 hr Assessment of psychological design variables 
  • Follow up call with a detailed design plan, including highly-vetted vendor procurement, lookbook and identification of resources. . Click here for an example. 
  • Regular zoom or in-person planned collaborative meetings with the design team and clients for support and mediation through out the process

This package is for:

  • Couples and design teams struggling in communication and stress in finances and timelines
  • Couples and families in need of relational repair with design for trauma recovery
  • Individuals, couples and families to further actualize in promotion of wellness, creativity and productivity in the home space
  • Designers or contractors who want to ensure positive design outcomes with their clients—we can facilitate collaboration and communication to support this process.

About Rachel

Uniquely qualified as a licensed psychotherapist and trained designer, Rachel meets clients in both relational and design needs.

Often referred to as the Marie Kondo of the West, I am the only one in my field trained as both a psychotherapist and designer.  Psychitecture was founded as a psychological design consultancy, employing the Psychitecture method that combines mindfulness, design with intention, and experience to create spaces that reflect an elevated psychology of well being.  Psychitecture also is an intervention where the psychitect mediates conflicts in the design space between couples, families, and collaborators in the design process such as architects, contractors and realtors. I was featured in Dwell Magazine for my Psychitecture services.

As featured in DWELL Magazine


“Rachel is well worth it! A great investment towards your  future. Lean in to what she has to offer! “