The Psychitecture Method

Rachel Melvald is the founder of PSYCHITECTURE art and design firm.

The PSYCHITECTURE method was born out of the increased need of supporting couples experiencing stress in the living space.  She’s developed a specialized set of design psychologically-informed skills based on research in how the environment co-regulates and improves our well being individually while also supporting couples, families and systems in spatial design conflict. Rachel was featured in DWELL magazine and currently hosts the podcast called “The Psychitect is IN”.  She will debut her first book on PSYCHITECTURE this fall.

She has multiple licenses and certifications, however, she is acting in a non-licensed capacity as a coach and is not providing services as a licensed social worker or psychotherapist.

The Psychitecture Team

LCS #21993
Member of the the Harvard Medical School affiliate Mclean Institute of Coaching

is a licensed psychotherapist, certified coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (S.E.P.) specializing in body-oriented stress recovery and in coaching individuals and couples.

Additionally trained in architecture and design at Southern California Institute of Architecture and UCLA, she is the founder of PSYCHITECURE inc. a niche coaching and consultancy merging the design environment and mental health. Her work in community mental health led her to train in various early attachment models, influencing her to treat clients in the developmental trajectory through an object-relations lens. With a certification as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, her clinical practice further evolved to treat acute and chronic-developmental trauma. A certification in Jungian studies at the Jung Institute of Los Angeles informed her trauma practice to incorporate the use of dreams and embodied imagery to unlock and heal symptomatology. Upon certification in the Gottman Method of couples therapy, her clinical practice began to specialize in couples who were increasingly strained in their living environment such as in developmental shifts of cohabitation, remodels, and separation.

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