Psychitecture Design Services

DESIGN STRATEGIES AND UPGRADES enhance creativity, reduce stress and strengthen relationships

Are you:
Moving in with your partner for the first time and negotiating design differences?
Is your mother-in-law moving in and challenging family dynamics?
Have a child with attentional or sensory integration challenges?
Wanting to maximize your love life and need a space to attract a date?
Balance home/office hybrid work in your home space?

Design and Environmental Psychological strategies for Individuals, Couples, and families, and Consultation with their design teams including interior designers, architects and realtors.

As a trained psychotherapist certified in Jungian psychology,  trauma recovery and couples therapy with an academic design background, I am uniquely poised to support design challenges through coaching and consultation while to implement design strategies based upon researched environmental design psychological principles, jungian archetypes and symbolism, and soma/body psychological modalities for sensory integration..

Enliven Spaces of Well-Being and Harmonious Relationships:

Examples can be found in updating interiors including layout, paint color, window treatments, furniture, objet d’art, art, plants and texture of sound, lighting, and materials  based upon neuroscience, sensory integration, biophilia and color theory to enhance mood, strengthen relationships and improve well-being.

Stress-Informed Design

Rachel’s expertise in trauma recovery can further update interiors to improve toxic stress overload and implement sensory design solutions for specific overwhelm, stress, sleepless, fatigue, attentional issues and developmental transitions of new couple cohabiting, divorce and inter-generational living situations.


Work / Home Hybrid Space:

We  further specialize in the work/home space to promote a healthy, productive  and harmonious working environment in design and in relationships in our new normal work world.

AND MORE: We can further consult on design projects to achieve the optimal psychological effects for your business or project goals



Based on the 4 Step Process interview/assessment you will receive a customized, thorough psychological design layout with detailed design upgrades to meet and maximize your lifestyle needs and goals.

With our specialization in conflict resolution and communication skills we are suited to work with your team of choice as well source vendors.

4 Step Process Includes:
• Interview/Assessment
• Design Plan
• Implementation
• Maintenance

Art Consultation

We offer consultation and mediation services with your design team at any point in the home design, buying and remodeling process. 

Rachel’s experience in building art collections and curating art spaces and exhibitions gives her the unique vantage point to source and stage art for both higher psychological and financial interests with enduring value.

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Bookings are by the hour virtually or on site, packages available. Please inquire within for pricing

Relationship Coaching

Working with couples, families, and systems in the process finding real Based on the 4- Step Process, we provide individual, couples and family support coaching to reduce stress and conflict and enhance communication to further ensure the design process moves along harmoniously.

Project Management

Working with couples, families, and systems in the process of finding real estate, a remodel or realizing an architectural plan, Rachel Melvald and Associates can mediate design challenges from project management, mediation, consultation, and coaching to the actual design.

Project Concierge

Working with couples, families, and systems in the process of finding real estate, a remodel or realizing an architectural plan, Rachel Melvald and Associates can mediate and design challenges from project management, mediation, and counseling to the actual design.

Project Consulting includes:

– Project Planning
– Mediation and Counseling
– Design Concierge
–Interior Design
– Architectural Research
– Sourcing Contractors, Painters, and Other Vendors

Challenge + Strategy = Solutions