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Goal oriented individual coaching for wellness and self-development
Relationship coaching to support healthy relationships




ENLIVEN YOUR SPACE AND YOUR RELATIONSHIPS - Neuroscience-based design strategies to improve emotional distress and relationship conflict, promote wellness, productivity and creativity for home/office and coaching/consultation to harmonize the design process.

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HEAL TO TRANSFORM. HEAL TRAUMA and RELATIONSHIPS while ACTUALIZING YOUR GOALS- psychotherapy and coaching to resolve symptoms distress, improve relationships as an overall transformational process to live your best life.


DESIGN WITH MEANING. ENLIVEN YOUR SPACE AND HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS-  Neuroscience-based design prescriptions to treat mental health disorders and relationship conflict, promote wellness, productivity and creativity for home/office and coaching/consultation to harmonize the design process.

Psychitecture Inc. A Wellness Brand 

Certified Coaching, Consulting and Designing for Well-Being

Welcome to Psychitecture Inc. where you can transform emotional wounds, shine in your authentic self while living in harmony in relationships and the spaces that surround you. A two-prong approach: application of neuroscientific research-based wellness design strategies for home and business spaces and coaching for self-development, wellness, and healthy relationships.

What is Neuroaesthetics?

Neuroaesthetics can be applied to home and office design in several ways to create spaces that are visually appealing, emotionally engaging, and conducive to well-being. By understanding how the brain processes aesthetic experiences, with our consultation we can make informed decisions to enhance the overall design of a space. 

Applying principles from neuroaesthetics in home and office design allows for a more thoughtful and scientifically informed approach to creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also have a positive impact on the occupants’ emotions, mood, and overall well-being.

What is Neuroarchitecture?

Neuroarchitecture, also known as architectural neuroscience or neurodesign, is an emerging field that applies principles from neuroscience to architectural design. It involves understanding how the built environment affects the brain and human behavior. Applying neuroarchitecture to home and office design can lead to spaces that promote well-being, productivity, and overall satisfaction. 

By integrating these principles, home and office spaces can be designed to support the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of their occupants, leading to improved quality of life and enhanced productivity and satisfaction in both personal and professional environments.

What is Psychitecture?

Psychitecture provides consultation through a strategic and individualized process of evaluation and application of neuroaesthetic and neuro design principles for your home or office space. We can work with your current design team such as an architect, interior designer and/or realtor.

We further provide individual and relationship coaching based upon the latest research on couples and organizational psychology to ensure harmonious living for the challenges and stress that comes with any new move, remodel or developmental shift in the living space.

about us

Often referred to as the Marie Kondo of the West, I am the only one in my field trained as both a psychotherapist and designer, focusing on couples, somatic experiencing certified body-oriented stress recovery, and Jungian-certified archetypal methodology of individuation in self-development and expressed imagery in art and design.  Psychitecture was founded as a psychological design consultancy, employing the psychitecture method that combines design psychological principles such as neuroscience, biophilia, color theory, mindfulness, design with intention, and experience to create spaces that reflect an elevated psychology of well being. We hold the premise that architectural spaces are relationships that co-regulate us and with a specialization in sensory-integration we can further support individuals of neurodiversity and with attentional and mood challenges. Psychitecture also is an intervention where the psychitect mediates conflicts in the design space between couples, families, and collaborators in the design process such as architects, contractors and realtors. I was featured in Dwell Magazine for my psychitecture services.

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