The transformative power of beauty and art to inspire awe. We translate research for design impact. We are a design studio, lab and coaching and consultation service.
Merging art and science to create environments which heal and allow us to flourish.


coaching & consultation

Goal oriented individual coaching for wellness and self-development
Relationship coaching to support healthy relationships




ENLIVEN YOUR SPACE AND YOUR RELATIONSHIPS - Neuroscience-based design strategies to improve emotional distress and relationship conflict, promote wellness, productivity and creativity for home/office and coaching/consultation to harmonize the design process.

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HEAL TO TRANSFORM. HEAL TRAUMA and RELATIONSHIPS while ACTUALIZING YOUR GOALS- psychotherapy and coaching to resolve symptoms distress, improve relationships as an overall transformational process to live your best life.


DESIGN WITH MEANING. ENLIVEN YOUR SPACE AND HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS-  Neuroscience-based design prescriptions to treat mental health disorders and relationship conflict, promote wellness, productivity and creativity for home/office and coaching/consultation to harmonize the design process.

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Psychitecture Inc. A Wellness Brand 

Certified Coaching, Consulting and Designing for Well-Being

Design, remodels, building a home or business can be STRESSFUL. At psychitecture, we believe that the challenge of design is a portal for growth and transformation given the right support and design solutions. Our spaces reflect who we are but what if we could heal and transform ourselves and our relationships through design? Our brains are scientifically proven to be neuroplastic meaning new connections can be made through our lifetime and our spaces can be designed to support memory, health, wellness, and harmony in our relationships. Moreso, bad design can also harm!

What is Psychitecture?

Psychitecture represents a pioneering approach that transcends traditional design boundaries by integrating neuroaesthetic principles, psychological insights, and neuroscience to craft environments that nurture well-being, productivity, and harmony. Our consultation services are tailored to synergize with your design team—architects, interior designers, and realtors—to create spaces that resonate with your individual and collective aspirations.

At Psychitecture, we go deeper than just aesthetics. Rachel Melvald, a licensed psychotherapist with extensive experience in coaching for individual and relationship healing, brings a unique perspective to design. Whether you’re navigating stress, contemplating a significant life change, or aiming to enhance your living or working environment, Psychitecture offers a strategic, research-informed pathway to realizing your vision.

Our Services


Coaching is for individuals and relationships, focusing on self-development, career, trauma recovery (somatic experiencing), relationship counseling, and design intervention.

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Interior design consultation using research-based neuroscience-informed solutions for mental health and harmonious living.

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Art curation to dive deeper into the psyche and beauty of your space with highly sought-after galleries and artists to enliven your home and business. 

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Enhancing Your Environment

Understanding that our surroundings profoundly impact our mental and emotional health, Psychitecture applies cutting-edge research in psychology and neuroscience. This approach, which we term ‘Psychitecture,’ informs every aspect of our environment design to ensure that your space not only looks magnificent but also fosters growth, happiness, and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

What is Neuroaesthetics?

Neuroaesthetics is a field of experimental science that aims to combine (neuro-)psychological research with aesthetics by investigating the “perception, production, and response to art, as well as interactions with objects and scenes that evoke an intense feeling, often of pleasure.

Applying principles from neuroaesthetics in home and office design allows for a more thoughtful and scientifically informed approach to creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also have a positive impact on the occupants’ emotions, mood, and overall well-being.

What is Neuroarchitecture?

Neuroarchitecture, also known as architectural neuroscience or neurodesign, is an emerging field that applies principles from neuroscience to architectural design. It involves understanding how the built environment affects the brain and human behavior. Applying neuroarchitecture to home and office design can lead to spaces that promote well-being, productivity, and overall satisfaction. 

By integrating these principles, home and office spaces can be designed to support the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of their occupants, leading to improved quality of life and enhanced productivity and satisfaction in both personal and professional environments.

Rachel is well worth it! A great investment towards your  future. Lean in to what she has to offer!

“LIFE AFTER WORKING WITH RACHEL IS full. It is rich. We are successfully moving  forward with our partnership and making cohabitation  possible.”


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