Psychitecture for Business

Evidence-based psychological design treatment strategies to meet your business goals.

Our spaces are tools for well-being and productivity. We consult on design projects to achieve the optimal psychological effects for your business or project goals. From hotels to exhibition spaces to film sets, we conduct highly specialized design consultation and collaboration so that you can maximize on the psychology of your clientele in your space.   Enroll a psychitect, and here’s what you can expect:

  • THE OFFICE- the demand of hybrid offices has made it challenging to find and retain staff.  With a greater emphasis on the individual well being while supporting community and collaboration, we employ design variables such as biophilia, supportive furniture design, and color/texture to promote productivity, and well-being in the workplace.
  • THE ARTS- using state of the art design to attract patrons while support staff productivity and well-being.  Site and exhibition specific consultation to align with the curation of the art.
  • EDUCATION- design plan using neuroscience, color theory and evidence based trauma informed design based on sensory integration to enhance learning 
  • HEALTH / WELLNESS / SPAS- promote healing and wellness through psychologically-informed design variables of sensory integration such as calming, relaxing colors, textures, and customized furniture based on color theory and neuroscience.
  • HOTELS- a design treatment plan to attract guests while maximizing enjoyment of their stay using highly vetted interior design resources such as texture, color, art and consultation on a design plan related to rooms, dining, spa and entryway.
  • RESTAURANTS- maximize your customer’s dining experience though supporting the sensory experience of the furniture lay out,  art, window treatments, and color with consultation on design plan.

Here’s how it works:

Packages are organized into basic or premium packages, based on your business needs. 

  • Consultation to assess business design treatment needs and objectives
  • Follow up design plan, including vendor procurement, lookbook and identification of where and how to get this. Click here for an example. 
  • Regular zoom or in-person planned collaborative meetings with the design team and clients for support and mediation through out the process

This package is for:

  • Design teams struggling in communication and stress in finances and timelines
  • New offices aiming to retain staff and increase customer satisfaction
  • Promote wellness, creativity and productivity in the workplace

About Rachel

Uniquely qualified as a licensed psychotherapist and trained designer, Rachel meets clients in both relational and design needs.

Often referred to as the Marie Kondo of the West, I am the only one in my field trained as both a psychotherapist and designer.  Psychitecture was founded as a psychological design consultancy, employing the Psychitecture method that combines mindfulness, design with intention, and experience to create spaces that reflect an elevated psychology of well being.  Psychitecture also is an intervention where the psychitect mediates conflicts in the design space between couples, families, and collaborators in the design process such as architects, contractors and realtors. I was featured in Dwell Magazine for my Psychitecture services.


“Rachel is well worth it! A great investment towards your  future. Lean in to what she has to offer! “