Turning the Lens on Artist-Photographer Leslie Williamson

Rachel: Today, we are really fortunate to have a guest who personally is one of my favorite. Well, I want to say intimate space photographers, but one interior photographer that I greatly admire for her work in several books that I purchased the first one a while back handcrafted modern. So I just want to give an introduction to Leslie Williamson photographer- author. And today we’re going to be celebrating the release of her current book “Still Lives: In the Homes of Artists Great and Unsung”. So, so welcome, Leslie.  Leslie: Thank you. Hi, hi.  Rachel: So as we were even talking about in our conversation being in California right now, after quite a few years of traveling. And I’m working on this book, reading this book. And I guess just to start out, we’ve talked about this, but how is it now being settled here in California for you?  Leslie: Well, it’s good. I mean, California has always been my home base. Always circle back here since it’s where I’m from. But yeah, after four years as a nomad I’m happy to have a home, especially because you’re shooting homes. Rachel: And so I guess what I’m going to open … Read more

8 Lots That Could Ignite Bidding Frenzies at the Fall Auctions in New York

Benjamin Sutton Nov 8, 2019 Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000375 EndHTML:000065067 StartFragment:000017318 EndFragment:000064993 StartSelection:000017606 EndSelection:000064959 SourceURL:https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-8-lots-ignite-bidding-frenzies-fall-auctions-new-york?utm_medium=email&utm_source=18571298-newsletter-editorial-daily-11-09-19&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=st-T 8 Lots That Could Ignite Bidding Frenzies at the Fall Auctions in New York – Artsy All … Read more

The Wisdom Your Body Knows

You are not just thinking with your brain. By David Brooks Opinion Columnist Nov. 28, 2019 This has been a golden age for brain research. We now have amazing brain … Read more

Figurative to Literal

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One of the most paralyzing characteristics of the desert to the human psyche is its vast sense of emptiness. In  a landscape without bounds nor the possibility of contacting others, one’s sense of space becomes distorted.


Luidmila Velasco and Nelson Ramirez de Arellano Conde are independent artists based in Havana, Cuba. Their work distinguishes itself with its combination of mediums, and allusions made to Cuban history and culture.

Havana Highlights

This week we decided to turn the psychitecture lens to one of the most unique cities in the Caribbean: Havana, Cuba. I embarked on a 72 hour journey alongside Glow Girl Melissa Myers to explore how the identity of the island reflects on architecture, art, and design in Havana.