Stay home with Curbed

Our guide to loving the space you have

AsAs we try to stay inside and social distance, the spaces we call home have taken on new importance. If you’re finding yourself asking questions like, “How can I create a comfortable and productive space for remote work?,” “What will make it easier to have kids around the house all day?,” and “Can I stop my kitchen from becoming a total mess with all this cooking?,”you’ve come to the right place.

Now, more than ever, Curbed wants to help you answer those questions. That’s why we’ve built this guide to staying at home, a developing resource for ideas around embracing our spaces—think organization solutions tried and tested by our staff, delightful design inspiration, and much more.

So stay tuned—and let’s stay home together.

—Jenny Xie

We know that the economic reality of the current situation remains top of mind. If you’d like to stay informed about all the ways the epidemic is affecting the housing market for both renters and homeowners, be sure to follow Curbed’s continuous coverage here

How to work from home, according to Curbed editors

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