Artist Spotlight: Meet architect, interior designer and artist on her conceptual installation piece called UNI-VERSE

In this episode, Rachel interviews artist Nicole Landau on her latest piece UNI-VERSE based upon string theory, energy and universal connection, we reveal how the elements of this piece is one of healing on a psychological level.  Commissioned both nationally and internationally, Nicole’s contemporary fine art can be found in private collections, corporate headquarters and luxury hotels and residences from Beverly Hills to Indonesia. At her young age, Nicole has become noted for her Portals Series and Temple of Times series, a deconstruction of architectural elements.

Nicole Landau
IG. @nicolelandauart

Wendy Posner
Posner Fine Art
Artist Representation
IG. @posnerfineart

Pavel Koudelka & Ondrej Sticha
Design Consultant, Engineering and Manufacturing
IG. @lasvitdesign

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