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The Psychitecture method radiates the deeper psychologies at play behind our subject’s true driving needs and desires to shine light into art, design, and lifestyle projects.

At the Art Studio, we use the Psychitecture method to unearth an art collector’s true passion, merge couples’ vision in crating a dream home, interpret a script to create the vision and design for a film set, attract guests to premiere hotels, and actualize a spa’s purpose of ultimate relaxation. 

Through highly specialized research, we professionally reveal the psychology behind the purpose of each project, infusing authentic rays into meaningful end results.

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The Art Studio is Honored to Showcase Local and International Artists

Miguel Machado

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Nelson Alvarez

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Jennifer Rico

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Randi Russo

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Miya Ando

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Kevin Cooley

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Laurie Raskin

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Artists in Mind

The Future Moves Slow: Celebrating in Support of Cuban Art and Artists

The party in the spirit of Latin American art in Los Angeles is still not over.

On December 15,  The Future Moves Slow at Schoos Design hosted a holiday happy hour event, The Future Moves Slow, set in Schoos Night Gallery, December 15, ran until the end of December. Read more about the show and support bringing these artists to Los Angeles.

Artists in Mind and MakeWild have joined creative forces to bring you The Future Moves Slow: a celebration and discussion around Cuban artists, the resilience of the Cuban people, and the creative expression born out of US-Cuban relations. What does it mean to be resilient in the face of adversity?