PSYCHITECTURE Magazine was born from the trademarked Psychitecture method of the application of psychology in the art and design process to ultimately reflect the most authentic and highest vision in a project.



PSYCHITECTURE Magazine brings a quick psychological interplay of the arts, entertainment, activism, health and beauty, entertainment and more so readers can connect with what the event elicits ahead of time to determine if it is in their mood desire.  With so many events in the city, it's difficult to always choose from a logical head space.  We give a quick psychological twist to your cocktail to make your event experience choice much more savory.

So, come on and just easily....





The Arts & Design Meets Psychology = Psychitecture


Photo by: Pixabay.com

Psychitecture integrates psychology, art, design, and lifestyle into method.  We use the Psychitecture method to curate our client’s taste and experience. Our goal is to arrive at the center of what a client wants in an art, design, lifestyle, film, culinary, or cultural experience.  

With a career in psychotherapy, art, and design, Creator Rachel Melvald, inspires her readers and clients to connect their true wants and desires from the city experience while also psychologically meeting a mood.


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Where Art, Design, and Psychology Meet.


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