March 27–September 9, 2018, GETTY CENTER

PSYCHITECTURE DIGS DEEPER INTO ANCIENT HISTORY, unearthing an enlightening first major U.S. exhibition to survey the artistic and cultural relationship between EGYPT, GREECE, and ROME from the BRONZE AGE to late antiquity, revealing never seen works on US soil.  You will be surprised at the rare aesthic beauty of tombs, heads, mozaic tile wall pieces and ceramic ware, connecting these ancient worlds to one another in its ability to recognize how these cultures influenced one another. What becomes fascinating is how these objects travelled from these countries maybe landing in homes- how and why becomes a puzzle that you are compelled to figure out as you meander through the dark anals of this rare and inspiring exhibition.  Were these painting on the wall for status, mockery as some of the works are fantasical and comical, or mere enjoyment and delight. The methodology of PSYCHITECTURE is intrigued by how objects carry meaning and culture and this exhibition takes us down the NILE at objet d’art’s beginnings.


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